Full Release!

We are now live and launched on steam 🙂 Thank you for playing Modiverse, we’ve made the following improvements just prior to release:

  • New official SciFi warrior models (7 variations)
  • Internal character models now appear correctly
  • New default (random colour) character models
  • Scaling added back into Physgun (‘F’ Key)
  • Physgun deleting a held item will stop the beam
  • Lens flare can now be controlled (on/off and quality)
  • Added 500ms cool down on VOIP key press to allow last word to be sent
  • Increased workshop download validation to stop joins if workshop are missing or bad
  • SDK can now disable player walk sounds
  • Removed “window full screen” as an option (invalid)
  • Numerous holes in CODz Der Riese map
  • Rockets are now alot quieter
  • Q and C windows are now removed correctly if player dies via SDK (or is respawned)
  • Tools menu is now removed when player dies (if open)
  • Reduced lens flare in The Forest and Grassland HQ
  • “All Servers” added, with new icon to show dedicated vs P2P servers
  • “Apply” buttons no longer hidden by any scrolling content above them
  • Favourite games that do no require a map no longer complain about missing map when selected
  • ZKillu Sponsorship branding
  • Dedicated servers now support -maxplayers