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Want to play?

Modiverse launches on the 19th Feburary 2021 and will soon be available through the Steam platform. Until then please register your wish list interest, or view the workshop and beta testing screenshots at

Our release will include the base game, over 50+ mods and rising fast! (game-modes, props, levels, tools, NPCs, ragdolls, vehicles and much more)

We'll also provide dedicated server packages for those who wish to run various games (fully configurable, with map cycling, MOTD, etc.)

Want to mod?

Making new mods simply requires you to install UE4.25, our SDK plugins and then a quick set-up to give your mod some basic information. After that you can select whether you just want to create some props to spawn in sandbox mods, want to build or port an existing level to Modiverse or for those with more UE4 experience create full game-modes, sandbox tools or even weapons! If you would like to learn more please visit our Deep Voodoo Games Wiki

Want to do more?

We're proud of our community roots, having actively developed nearly every feature with feedback or on the recommendations of our community. If you feel you we need a new feature, change some things to improve our game or just raise up some bugs or problems then please join our Discord server and just get talking!

See you Feburary 19th!